Imagine a campus designed to draw people closer to God. Imagine an environment where people far from Christ feel welcome, comfortable and accepted. Imagine the kind of place that kids are excited to go to each week and parents are secure in knowing their children will be safe and well cared for.

Imagine reaching out beyond our own community and creating enviroments like ours all over the county.

Imagine changed lives, rebuilt households and restored dreams.

That is what the IMPACT Campaign is all about: building a place where imperfect people learn how to find and follow Jesus seven days a week.


"What can I afford to give?"

When it comes to joining in on something like the IMPACT Campaign, that's usually the first question we ask ourselves. What would happen if we changed the question?

"God, what would You have me do?"

When we ask that question we invite God in on the process. Here is one thing that is always true: God will not ask you to give more than He is willing to provide.

Pray. Listen.



Commitment is the key to making the vision of the IMPACT Campaign a reality. This is where you follow through on what God is calling you to do.

Pledge or Give Now

By making an 18 to 36 month commitment you are telling your church we can count on you to be a long term partner. Or you can give a one-time gift. Either way, lives will be changed because you believed.